The Simple, Easy and Fast 4-Step Formula for Earning Money Online

In this video you will see the 4 simple steps you need to start your online business.

I will also go through the first step with you in the video.

But be ready, because you might hear something new that will change your way of doing things forever! In fact, if you have not been finding success online this might be the solution.

The important thing is: YOU CAN DO THIS. Wait until you see how easy (and simple) Step 1 is here:

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32 thoughts on “The Simple, Easy and Fast 4-Step Formula for Earning Money Online”

  1. What I like your system about, is a fact that it’s based on two cores: simplicity and common sense. One more thing that is keeping my interest on fire: no false promises. It is easy to trust the person with the voice of weathered and well matured man, who – there is no doubts about it – passed through a lot of things, and do know what he is talking about. I do get through a couple of the very first things you are talking about, I am in a period of finalizing my affiliate website, and the next height I am going to take is getting a lot of traffic. Don’t want to hide it: I am on the very limited budget now. And that is why the name of your product and the system to get what I need without breaking a bank is, really, dear to my heart.

    1. Yes, Instant Traffic Formula is going to help you a lot, without breaking the bank, as you put it. When you want free, targetted traffic, fast (and we all do!) ITF is for you.

  2. I likes the simplified 4 step program you laid out and am glad you will be going in detail on each step.

  3. You’re right, if you don’t know what you’re talking about or like your topic it SHOWS and will seriously limit your income. Always be sincere and go with your passions. When you do MAGIC happens!

  4. Biggest takeaway – choosing a niche that suits your passion AND at least some knowledge and Biggest question – What the heck is this platform and system you are revealing that can be built in 15 minutes….????

  5. Instant is the word for me. How can anything be instant in the world of internet marketing. Very interesting. I have lots of patience and will be waiting to see where you take us next. Thank you.

    1. Nothing is “instant” if you are relying on 3rd parties, like Google. But there are simple, free tools that allow you to create, publish and drive traffic in minutes. That is what Instant Traffic Formula is about.

  6. The problem out there in the Internet Marketing world is that people overcomplicate this industry. This is because the people teaching it haven’t actually had success in this industry. I call them professional course sellers. They make a living selling course after course on how to succeed in internet marketing and yet these people haven’t applied what they are teaching. A lot of the information they sell simply don’t work or are outdated.

    Once in a while, someone comes out with a course that works. A course that is based on their successful system that they have put into practice. I can tell by listening to the first video, that this guy, Seth, has been through the trenches. He seems successful and appears to really know what he’s doing. He actually outlines on the first video what this course is about. He doesn’t beat around the bush. He goes through each step on what the course is all about in a simple and clear manner. He sounds honest and genuine. No fluffs, no fill-ins, just pure real life stuff. This course sounds like the real deal. Not complicated and seems to be very doable. Obviously, there’s work to do but that applies to any successful business. At least you know that the system will work and there is a reward at the end of the tunnel being a successful business where money will be no object in the future.

    I have seen many presentation videos before. I usually press the ‘stop’ button after the first few seconds of the video & if my interest has slightly spiked upwards I’d listen to about half of the video as I have reached my disappointment stage by that stage. However, this time I was interested and I viewed the full video and was impressed and I can’t wait to take the next step.

    1. You will definitely like the next step!

      And you are right, I have spent 20 years “in the trenches” marketing online.

      Besides what you mention, a lot of people selling courses don’t seem to realize that what they are teaching works for them but won’t work for someone else who doesn’t have their marketing knowledge, huge email list or deep pockets.

      On the other hand, Instant Traffic Formula makes it simple and easy for just about anyone to create a web platform to work with (if they don’t have one already) and to send traffic to it with free resource already being used every day by millions of people.

  7. I like the concept of “speed” as it relates to getting traffic to blog posts / shop front, etc.
    I am hoping that speed also translates through to how quickly you can learn this method and get it incorporated into your marketing strategy. (In other words I hope that “Instant Traffic Formula” is a straight-forward product to learn and that there are not 42 (??) videos with a 112 steps to learn before one can implement it).

    1. Stephen, for someone like you who already has a web site you only need to watch one or two videos to get started driving traffic.

      For newbies, there are a number of short, easy-to-follow videos that show how to create a web site, make it look nice, put content on it fast, add tracking, monetize it, add an email list to it and more. That way the system can work quickly even for someone who does not yet have a web site.

      That said, I give a lot of good tips in those videos. And since you have a site related to dogs, you will probably enjoy many of the videos, as I set up a sample site in the videos on the same subject. 😉

  8. I’m very impressed… this isn’t another “sales pitch”.
    I’m so tired and fed up with those come-on lines which try to bait you into wasting precious time entering into their “click here to find out about this super fantastic new discovery that you can’t live without” statements.

    Your information including fees and discount information is presented up front, without having to scroll through pages of justifications of why you can no longer exist without subscribing to better your life.

    Thank you for keeping your information concise, to the point and transparent. Your approach is quite refreshing.

  9. Sounds good! Also the example you gave. But what is the content of Esther’s blog; pictures? Products? Texts? For this also special skills and money are required…
    In fact, I am jealous at her 😕

    1. No, definitely not. No special skills, just a bit of copying-and-pasting and a bit of typing. Our way of generating awesome (really!) content is so easy, and so right in front of you, that you will be shocked when you find out. But for that you need to join Instant Traffic Formula.

  10. My biggest takeaway was the feeling of encouragement that this is different, simple and complete.

    My Q? Is the brilliant and lovely Sara your wife? 🙂

    I look forward to the next video. cheerio!

    1. Joy, thanks for mentioning this. I just checked and it seems ok, and it was before as well. So hopefully you just encountered a temporary problem.

      However once you have downloaded a problematic version of the video it gets cached (stored) on your computer is a bit hard to force it to reload it properly. Either try a different browser or you can try control-shift-R to force a reload if you are using Chrome.

  11. What I learned? My passion and what I have been called to share and teach is NOT in a competitive market. I am on the pioneering wave of it though…. but I know I have to share about it, so I gotta do it anyway.

  12. Thank you Seth for sharing this topic with us. Would this method work for a Jewish educational non-profit entity? We are moving to Israel and we need to help to monetize our non profit regarding the lost Jews of Spain, the Anousim. We have a passion to help to educate and to set up a hospitality center for other Anousim in Israel who are also returning. I do have a website now and a book on my personal story and cd of music about Israel/Anousim . We need the increased income to help to establish this work in Israel and for travel/speaking, to share on the subject with others! Thanks for your input!

    1. Yes, this would work beautifully for you. In your case I would recommend using the system to improve your branding and visibility to directly and indirectly improve your fundraising.

      For someone without a web site Instant Traffic Formula shows how to do all the steps from 1 to 5 mentioned in the video (get a niche, create a web property, drive traffic to it, monetize it and collect email addresses). For someone who has a site already they would be better served using the components of ITF as appropriate to improve what they are already doing.

  13. Very enticing. As someone who is semi-retired and looking for something to keep active and intellectually stimulated; this appears to meet these needs. Furthermore, keeping active physically and mentally helps maintain one’s health and ability. Will be a purchaser.

  14. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us who are trying to learn marketing. I’m a senior with limited income who wants to learn about being affiliate so that I can earn a little to supplement my income. And then show my sleep deprived on the job daughter how to do it. It just seems like some experts seem like they don’t really want to help the new people who want to learn. I figure you help some people, and in the end you feel good knowing you have help someone. Good always come back to you. I try to stay positive that I will get the hang of it. And thank you for your time.

    1. Yes, this is a great way to create a new income stream without a lot of hard work or expense. It is good for seniors, and just about everyone else!

  15. I really like the fact that it’s simplified and easy to understand even for people who do not have knowledge or experience in internet marketing. It also motivates people to have a change of mind, get out of their comfort zone and try something new and unconventional.

    1. Yes, you do not need a website as you can send traffic to wherever you want. But Instant Traffic Formula will also show you how to set up a website or free blog very quickly, if you want/need.

  16. Great teaching voice. Sounds trustworthy and believable
    simple and easy to steps follow . Excellent idea going with expertise and special skill

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